Ford Econoline E-150 E-250 E-350 1992-2010 Service Manual


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A huge traveler van, the 2010 Ford Econoline Wagon has a huge inside volume that takes into consideration guest plans to oblige from eight up to 15 travelers. An enormous scope of motors permit you to pick the powertrain that meets your requirements. The SYNC framework is presently accessible, as is satellite radio. Footing control is a piece of the standard wellbeing equipment.Ford’s full-size E-Series vehicles have for quite some time been the top selling vans in the U.S. Since 1961, Ford has refined their full-size van to consummate it for the temporary workers, conveyance drivers and air terminal transports with whom it is famous. Mileage will change contingent upon the trim and how it is redone, yet all E-Series can are fit for E85 flex fuel. MSRP begins at $27,470. E-Series vans can likewise be altered for traveler use, where they can hold up to fifteen grown-ups.

Models Covered :

1998 Version Compatible with:

Ford Econoline 1992
Ford Econoline 1993
Ford Econoline 1994
Ford Econoline 1995
Ford Econoline 1996
Ford Econoline 1997
Ford Econoline 1998
Ford Econoline 1999
Ford Econoline 2000
Ford Econoline 2001
Ford Econoline 2002
Ford Econoline 2003
Ford Econoline 2004
Ford Econoline 2005
Ford Econoline 2006
Ford Econoline 2007
Ford Econoline 2008
Ford Econoline 2009
Ford Econoline 2010

Manual Covers :

Air Conditioner:

Heater Systems

Manual AC

Refrigeran Oil Checking – Compressor Refrigerant Oil Checking

Servicing – Compressor Servicing

System – General Servicing Procedures

System Specifications – AC System Specifications

Accessories and Equipment:

Analog Instrument Panels

Analog Instrument Panels – Econoline – Natural Gas Vehicle

Cruise Control Systems

Module Communications Network

Power Door Locks

Power Mirrors

Power Seats

Power Windows

Remote Keyless Entry Systems

Steering Column Switches

WiperWasher Systems

Air Bag:

Restraint System

Automatic Transmissions:

Automatic Transmission & Transfer Case Removal & Installation

4R70W Overhaul

E4OD Electronic Controls

E4OD Overhaul

Electronic Controls – 4R70W


Shift Interlock Systems


Anti-Lock – 4WAL

Disc & Drum

Rear Anti-Lock – RABS II

Cabin Air Filter:

Cabin Air Filter

Canadian Model Reference:

Canadian Model Reference

Diagnostic Connector Locations:

Diagnostic Connector Locations

Driveline and Axles:

Differentials – Limited-Slip – Dana 60 & 70

Differentials – Rear – 8.8 & 9.75 Ring Gear

Differentials – Rear – Dana 60, 70 & 80

Differentials – Traction-Lok – 7.5, 8.8, 9.75 & 10.25 Ring Gear

Drive Shafts & Universal Joints

DTC Index:

DTC Index

Egr Function Testing:

Egr Function Testing


Fuses & Circuit Breakers

Electrical Component Locations:

Electrical Component Locations


Applications Econoline

Applications Trucks

Control Abbreviations

Control Visual Inspection Procedures – Diesel

Control Visual Inspection Procedures – General Information


Cooling System Specifications & Drive Belt Routing

4.2L V6 – VIN 2

4.6L V8 – VIN W & 6

5.4L V8 – VIN L

6.8L V10 – VIN S

7.3L V8 Turbo Diesel

Engine Performance:

4.2L & 4.6L – Basic Diagnostic Procedures

4.2L & 4.6L – Pin VoltagePID Value Charts

4.2L – Wiring Diagrams – 4.2L

4.6L – Wiring Diagrams

5.4L – Basic Diagnostic Procedures

5.4L CNG – Pin VoltagePID Value Charts

5.4L CNG – Theory & Operation – EEC-V

5.4L CNG – Trouble Shooting (EEC-V) – No Codes

5.4L CNG – Wiring Diagrams

5.4L Gasoline – Pin VoltagePID Value Charts

5.4L Gasoline – Wiring Diagrams

6.8L – Pin VoltagePID Value Charts

6.8L – Wiring Diagrams

7.3L Diesel – On-Vehicle Adjustments

7.3L Diesel – Pin VoltagePID Value Charts – Diesel

7.3L Diesel – Theory & Operation

7.3L Diesel – Trouble Shooting – No Codes – Diesel

7.3L Diesel – Wiring Diagrams

Basic Diagnostic Procedures – 6.8L

Basic Diagnostic Procedures – Diesel

Engine/ Vin ID – Introduction

Fuel Pressure Specifications

Gasoline – Theory & Operation – EEC-V

Gasoline – Trouble Shooting (EEC-V) – No Codes

Mode 6

Removal, Overhaul & Installation – 4.2L V6

Removal, Overhaul & Installation – 4.6L

Removal, Overhaul & Installation – 5.4L

Removal, Overhaul & Installation – 5.4L CNG

Removal, Overhaul & Installation – 6.8L

Removal, Overhaul & Installation – 7.3L Diesel

Self-Diagnostics – EEC-V – 4.2L

Self-Diagnostics – EEC-V – 4.6L

Self-Diagnostics – EEC-V – 5.4L CNG

Self-Diagnostics – EEC-V – 5.4L Gasoline

Self-Diagnostics – EEC-V – 6.8L

Self-Diagnostics – 7.3L Diesel

Sensor Operating Range Charts

System & Component Testing – 7.3L Diesel

Service & Adjustment Specifications – 4.2L

Service & Adjustment Specifications – 4.6L

Service & Adjustment Specifications – 5.4L CNG

Service & Adjustment Specifications – 5.4L GASOLINE

Service & Adjustment Specifications – 6.8L

Service & Adjustment Specifications – 7.3L Diesel

System & Component Testing – EEC-V – CNG

System & Component Testing – EEC-V – Gasoline

Vacuum Diagrams

General Information:

Air Bag Deactivation Procedures

Air BagSRS Component Inspection & Replacement Tables

Anti-Lock Brake Safety Precautions

Clutch Trouble Shooting

Commonly Used Abbreviations

Compressed Natural Gas Safety Precautions

Computer Relearn Procedures

Drive Axle Noise Diagnosis

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Warning – Basic Information

Engine Displacement Conversion Table

Engine Overhaul Procedures

Engine Performance Diagnostic Routine Outline

Engine Performance Safety Precautions

English-Metric Conversion Chart

Gear Tooth Contact Patterns

General Cooling System Service

Manual Transmission Trouble Shooting

Parasitic Load Explanation & Test Procedures

State Emission Standards – Gasoline

State Emission Standards

Symptom Check List Worksheets

Trouble Shooting – Basic Procedures


Using Wiring Diagrams

Waveforms – Injector Pattern Tutorial

Wheel Alignment Theory & Operation

Generator and Starting:

Generator – Mitsubishi Generators – Diesel

Generator – Motocraft – Motorcraft Generators

Starter – 7.3L Diesel

Starter – Gasoline

Maintenance Information:

Maintenance Information

OBD-II Readiness Monitors:

OBD-II Readiness Monitors

Oil Circuit Diagrams:

AOD-E4R70W (1996 & Later)

Ford E4OD

Reminder Indicator Reset Procedures:

Reminder Indicator Reset Procedures

Specifications Index:

Specifications Index


Power Steering

Steering Columns




Wheel Alignment – Specifications & Procedures

System Wiring Diagrams:

Econoline E150

Econoline E250

Econoline E350

Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards:

Brake Systems

Drive Train & Transmission Systems

Electrical Systems

Engine Performance And Maintenance

Exhaust Systems

Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning Systems

Routine Inspection Reference Guide

Steering & Suspension Systems

This manual is the same as the manual used by workshops. Service Manual contains detailed instructions and step by step diagrams for all workshop procedures.

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